Q Series Digital

Keeler Q Series Slit LampsThe Q series 40H Digital and Digital Ready* Slit Lamp comes with many additional features, enhancing the user experience and giving more detailed results.

As well as benefiting from the combined integrated camera and beam splitter (optional for the Digital Ready version), additional Slit Lamp features include a background illuminator, auxiliary diffuser, blue filter and essential camera and review control buttons mounted on the Slit Lamp dashboard area.

* Digital Ready Slit Lamps can easily be upgraded to full Digital systems by purchasing the Keeler camera module together with Kapture software

Note - Windows PC should be purchased locally.

Take Control

Manage the camera exposure and Slit Lamp illumination from the Slit Lamp dashboard, and then capture the perfect image using the joystick camera trigger to freeze frame before scrolling through the last few frames to select and save your image.

External illumination can be controlled independently of the main illumination to ensure image contrast levels are optimized.

40H Digital Ready

The Keeler 40H Digital Ready Slit Lamp comes with many standard options like a background illuminator, auxillary diffuser, blue filter and essential camera and review control buttons mounted on the Slit Lamp dashbord area. The Digital Ready slit lamp can seemlessly be upgraded to a full Digital system with the purchase of our Keeler camera module along with the exclusive Kapture software.


  • Keeler Optics 
  • Five magnification ratios: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X 
  • Shutter and Review control buttons on joystick base. 
  • Finger Trigger Activation on joystick control 
  • Background illuminator 
  • Auxiliary diffuser 
  • Blue Filter 
  • Illumination Control mounted next to joystick.
  • Incorporated yellow battier filter 
  • 1mm Square aperture for Uveitis assessment 
  • LED illumination 
  • Available in unit or table mount configuration 3 Year warranty

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