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Vision Testing

  1. Guide to the Different Types of Ophthalmic Lenses, Curves and Coatings

    A guide to ophthalmic lenses, curves, and coatings

    In this guide, you will learn all about the different types of ophthalmic lenses, curves and coatings infused into a pair of frames. Ensuring lenses fit the diagnosis and lifestyle of the person wearing them is essential.

  2. The Invisible Disability: Understanding The Types of Color Blindness

    The invisible disability: understanding the types of color blindness

    Today, there are an estimated 300 million people who suffer from color vision deficiency (CVD). How prevalent is the condition? Impacting more men than women,

  3. 6 Different Types of Vision Tests Every Optometrist Will Need to Perform

    6 different types of vision tests every optometrist will need to perform

    When it comes to diagnosing a patient's eye condition, there are several different types of vision tests you have in your arsenal. Some tests can check for glaucoma, defects in a patient's field of vision, the patient's ability to see colors, and other tests can check for general eye diseases. However,

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