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Eye Disease

  1. Common Degenerative Eye Diseases that Cause Vision Loss

    Common degenerative eye diseases that cause vision loss

    Did your ophthalmologist diagnose you with a degenerative eye disease? What is that, anyway? Will it make you lose your eyesight? These are relevant questions, especially considering the fact that age-related or degenerative diseases of the eye are the leading cause of low vision and blindness in the

  2. Macular Degeneration & Other AMDs

    Macular degeneration & other AMDs

    Across the United States, macular degeneration impacts over 10 million citizens and is the leading cause of vision loss, even more than glaucoma and cataracts combined. 

  3. 5 Common Benign Eye Diseases

    5 common benign eye diseases

    Being diagnosed with benign eye disease can be scary and intimidating because it can impact your patient’s ability to visually engage with the world around him/her. Benign eye diseases are non-cancerous tumor growths (or inflammation) on the tissue surrounding the eye. The growth can appear on the c

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