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Patient Education

  1. Guide to the Different Types of Ophthalmic Lenses, Curves and Coatings

    A guide to ophthalmic lenses, curves, and coatings

    In this guide, you will learn all about the different types of ophthalmic lenses, curves and coatings infused into a pair of frames. Ensuring lenses fit the diagnosis and lifestyle of the person wearing them is essential.

  2. A Guide to Refractive Errors

    A guide to refractive errors

    Whether it's nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness, they all cause vision problems making it more difficult to see clearly. These are known as refractive errors and are caused when the shape of the eye prevents light from correctly focusing on the retina. 


  3. Patient and Practioner's Guide to Diabetic Retinopathy

    Patient and practitioner's guide to diabetic retinopathy

    As the top cause of blindness in the United States, diabetic retinopathy is a condition where an individual’s high blood sugar causes damage to blood vessels in the retina. The earliest symptoms of diabetic retinopathy include dark areas of vision, blurriness, floaters, and difficulty perceiving colors. 

  4. Keys to Optimizing Optometry Patient Education and Satisfaction

    Keys to optimizing optometry patient education and satisfaction

    As an eye practitioner, it’s critical you effectively communicate and do everything possible to enhance optometry patient education. Connecting with your patient and making sure they have the information they need to make the best decision should be an extremely high priority for your practice. 

  5. Ophthalmology Patient Education's There an App for That

    Ophthalmology patient education, there's an app for that!

    Today, there are mobile apps for virtually any and everything! For instance, there are mobile apps for you to find people to cuddle with (Cuddlr) and even mobile apps to make your day worse (Demotivational Pics). It should come as no surprise there are a plethora of different mobile apps designed specifically

  6. Give Your Patients the Best with the AOS Anterior Software

    Give your patients the best with the AOS anterior software

    The new AOS Anterior software is a standalone solution designed to facilitate the automated analysis of the back your patient’s eye. Engineered based on industry accepted scales of grading, AOS Anterior delivers objective, reliable values to help eye clinicians in the diagnosis of a variety of

  7. Vision Changes After Surgery: What Patients Can Expect for Different Ophthalmic Procedures

    Vision changes after surgery: what patients can expect for different ophthalmic procedures

    Many patients expect immediate vision changes after surgery, but most surgeries are not instant cures. While the patient is most likely to experience clearer eyesight overall, the ophthalmologist should set the patient's expectations for any symptoms they may experience in the short term.


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