Focused on Friday — episode 3: Cheryl

Cheryl Liberati

We continue our Focused on Friday series with Cheryl Liberati, our US Sales Operations Manager. Cheryl has helped grow the business for several decades now!

Cheryl, thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at Keeler and a little about yourself.

Keep your eyes peeled for episode 4 next Friday!

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Firstly, what is your role at Keeler?

My role here at Keeler is the Sales Operations Manager for the US. I manage the Customer Service Team as well as the Diagnostic Product Specialists team, so nine team members in total. Also, I am responsible for ensuring we have an effective sales process to enable the growth of the internal and regional sales team. This means having everything they need in place to support their ability to sell, including the inventory. I maintain both websites ( & to assure our customers that each site is up to date with the latest pricing and inventory. Supporting our customers is paramount to myself and our staff, and we as a group are tasked to provide our customers the best customer service experience we have to offer. We do this by providing quality service at every point of sale.

What do you love about working at Keeler?

The variety of work and the versatility of being able to do a range of tasks, but most importantly I love being a problem solver. The company culture and the people here in the US and UK are especially important to me. The staff here at Keeler are the best! Feeling compatible with this team makes you feel like a valued and welcome member of Keeler.

How does a day at Keeler typically look for you? 

Kicks off at 8:00am and ends at 6:00pm with reporting and analysis, sales forecasting, supporting the frontline sales reps, regional managers, Customer Service, Diagnostic Product Specialists, Product Managers, and staff throughout the building. Check inventory, liaise with our purchasing team to go over inventory stocking orders. Order everything from duct tape to coffee, stationery to lunches and corporate events. I am a multifunctional sales operations manager, and the staff think of me as the Swiss Army knife of the company. I have a tool for your problem!

What is your favorite way to start the day?

Tall glass of milk and a power bar.

Lastly, tell us a fun fact about yourself

I love to cook; I make a mean Sunday sauce with meatballs, and take care of our five cats and our 2000-gallon koi pond.


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