Focused on Friday — episode 7: Gina Maiorano


Gina Maiorano

As our 7th episode, we are adding a fun twist to Focused on Friday with a short video! Meet our US west coast sales representative, Gina Maiorano. With six months under her belt, Gina covers California, Nevada, and New Mexico, bringing a refreshing energy to the team! Learn more about her story here.

Keep your eyes peeled for episode 8 next Friday!

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Firstly, what is your role at Keeler?

I am an internal sales rep for the west coast!

What do you love about working at Keeler?

I love the company culture -- the people are great! Everybody is a team here even though everybody is on different teams and handles different territories, we all work together to help each other out and I think that’s great. I also love the remote work space, and coming into the office once a week is great too – I get to see my team, I get to see my coworkers, but it’s also nice to have the convenience to work from home. I’m able to do my job in both offices and both settings.

How does a day at Keeler typically look for you?

A day at Keeler typically looks like a lot of emails! I get a lot of emails from my customers just asking questions about pricing and products, and our rewards program which is really great. I also do a lot of phone calls, usually between 30-40 calls a day, depending upon how busy emails go. I pretty much end my day at 6 o’clock, sometimes a little later. I’m west coast so sometimes people contact me up until 8/9 o’clock at night, sometimes on the weekends, but I’m always available as long as I’m able to access my emails.

What is your favorite way to start the day?

My favorite way to start my day – usually I wake up pretty early, I like to get up around 5/6 o’clock -- I’m crazy even though my day doesn’t start until 9:30! But typically I’ll get up, sometimes I’ll go for a walk with my mom, or sit out on the deck and have a cup of coffee and just relax a little bit. Sometimes I’ll answer a little emails maybe around 8 o’clock in the morning, depending upon how urgent they are. It’s really nice to just have that flexibility to when I can start. If I don’t have to start until 9:30, I don’t start ‘til 9:30, but if I want to get on sooner it’s nice and I have a little bit more flexibility with my mornings to spend time with family or just have some me time.

Lastly, tell us a fun fact about yourself

I love animals! I love every type of animal. I have four cats, I have a blind cat, I feed the outdoor cats, I feed the foxes… I’m an animal lover! I like to donate to the different charities, I like to go to the different events, I like to do a lot of donations in any way I can to help any kind of organization that helps animals.


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