Focused on Friday - episode 13: Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

This week's Focused on Friday guest is Tristan Jones, Director of Clinics, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences. We are grateful for the opportunity to speak with him about his experience with Keeler devices.

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What Keeler products do you have experience with?

We've got the ophthalmoscopes, the retinoscopes; we’ve got the headset BIOs, and we’ve got the slit lamps too. We also have the Desktop Pulsair. I’ve used the retinoscopes and the ophthalmoscopes for years; not just in university but in practice as well. As well as the slit lamps we’ve got probably a dozen Symphonies or similar.


How do the ophthalmoscopes hold up in a teaching environment?

Pretty well actually! I mean, considering what they go through, they hold up remarkably well. We have so many Keeler bits and bobs in the department that it’s easy enough to just swap the heads over. Really, the backwards compatibility that you’ve got with the different handles and heads has been an absolute life saver. The fact that you can get pretty much any head from any Keeler and stick it on a different one is absolutely invaluable, because if they were all proprietary we’d be sunk.


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job I would say is the pastoral side: helping them become young adults.

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