Focused on Friday — episode 8: Savita and Dinesh

Savita and Dinesh Bajaj

Meet Savita, our BIO assembly line leader, and her husband, Dinesh, who works on the assembly line in! They are key members of our team, working in the factory in Windsor, UK. Check out their story!

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Firstly, what is your role at Keeler?

Savita – I’m a line leader on the assembly line for indirects.

Dinesh – I am a production assembler on indirects.

What do you love about working at Keeler?

Savita – There’s lots of things about working at Keeler. It’s a polite, nice place, close to home, and the people are good! I enjoy my work - I’m literally coming into work every day without any hesitation. I’m passionate because I love my job.

Dinesh – Working at Keeler is like coming from home, to home! Plus, the people here are really nice! The welfare programs within the companies are really nice - even if you have any personal issues, or social issues and everything, we are actually looked after very well here. It’s local to us so it doesn’t take very long to come here, so we just enjoy the work!

How does a day at Keeler typically look for you?

Savita – When I come into work I check that my trolleys are properly filled, that I’ve got everything that I need for myself and my staff who’s working on the indirects. I make sure that they are also supplied with everything and they can get on with their work without any problems, and help them at any moment on the line throughout the day. Just look after them as well as they look after me, because I cannot be anything without them!

Dinesh – The day starts with taking instructions from the time leader, of course from Savita, and I’ll have to make sure that I’ve got all the parts to do a job. I make sure that I hit my target (whatever target has been set up for me). Basically, I make sure that everything is going smoothly on my behalf, and if I do have any issues, I always liaise with the line leader, and hopefully at the end of the day I feel satisfied that I’ve done my target. I’m actually doing something for the growth of the company, and as the company is growing, I am growing with the company.

What is your favorite way to start the day?

Savita - My day starts with porridge! So I enjoy my porridge, prepare our lunch for the day, and come into work. And you know you put a smile on your face, come into work and it’s just another day and you make the most of it. You know, you have your fun and laughter with your mates and they help you to get through the day!

Dinesh – Part of my life, I should say our life, mainly is family and children. The latest addition to the family members is our youngest grandson, Rueben, who is absolutely adorable. We actually requested our daughter to keep sending the latest videos and pictures of him every day. We enjoy seeing him, especially on the weekend when he’s around, then we forget about the world!

Lastly, tell us a fun fact about yourself

Savita - Lately we are happy with our 2nd grandson, who’s name is Rueben, and we just keep busy with him on the weekends. That’s our way of having fun – with them, with the family!

Dinesh - I like to go for a walk every evening. Apart from the rainy weather, even if it’s really cold or hard, I still go for a walk every single day – I like to keep myself going. I usually walk to Farnham Park and walk back, which is usually 2 miles, but sometimes I take the car and park the car in the park and walk around the park. My target is usually a minimum of 10,000 steps a day which I try to do every day.


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