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How does it work?

1. Browse our range of high quality, accurate and reliable ultrasound diagnostic products

2. Choose B-Scan Plus or any 4-Sight system with a B-Scan probe

3. Place your order via your preferred Keeler dealer, for delivery by March 31

4. Receive your 10% instant rebate

For a limited time get a free cryo cart!

Not only are we offering 10% off of the Cryomatic MKII but we are also including a free cryo cart to put it on. This is only available for a limited time.


24" black tray
5 legged low center of gravity base
Centered verticle support column with silver metallic finish
3" neoprene caster (2 locking)
Large tank holder
Top tray with wrap around handle
Cord wrap on pole
Foot switch holster and brackets

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Keeler B-scan ultrasound probe

Accuracy, efficiency and on-the-go convenience, all in one probe

The Keeler B-scan probe provides crystal clear imagery of the posterior of the eye, whilst also visualising possible occular tumors, retinal detachments, vitreous hemorhages and cataracts.

Fully compatible with 4Sight*, our all-in-one ultrasound solution, it can be plugged into any laptop or desk-top computer, making it the perfect companion for busy eye care professionals, either in clinic or on-the-go.

With high resolution accuracy and deeper penetration, get ready to enhance your examinations, with a reliable diagnosis, prompt referral and an enhanced patient experience!


Accuracy - high resolution (0.015mm) for crystal clear images every time
Smooth zoom technology - getting you two times closer with no distortion
Unmatched storage space with 4-Sight - record and save unlimited images and videos to assist with diagnosis and record keeping
Extensive scanning - dual frequency (12 or 15MHz) with a 60deg sweep angle, for comprehensive image or video capture
State of the art - software includes 12 measuring callipers, scan labelling tools, screen-shot capture, auto-print and reporting functions for data export

Keeler Cryomatic MKII console

30+ years of cryo surgery expertise and innovation


Probe type is automatically adjusted for easy set up
Automatic purge cycle, pressure adjustment, and temperature regulation
Intuitive easy-to-use software
Rapid freeze and quick defrost
Back-flush functionality removes debris and moisture
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