Keeler Power of 3 Slitlamp Trade-in Program

Keeler Power of 3 Slitlamp Trade-in Program


 Buy 3 | Trade 3 | Get 1 Free 

The Power of 3 Trade-In Program. Purchase any 3 Keeler Slitlamps trade in 3 of your old Desktop Slitlamps and we’ll send you a 4th Keeler Slitlamp absolutely free of charge - worth over $15,000!

No hub bub. How’s that for stimulus?

Program Details
The program allows a doctor, physician group, hospital, or surgical center to purchase in lots of 3, a Keeler line of Slitlamps (KLS) H Style, or Z Style from traditional, digital ready or digital and trade-in in a lot of 3 desktop Slitlamp (any make or model). The Free Slitlamp will be based on the Keeler Slitlamp configuration purchased in a lot. If there is a mixture of three different Slitlamps purchased, then the least valued (street price) will be the free slitlamp. There is NO limit to the lots of products purchased and traded-in.

The Free Slitlamp will be sent from Keeler to the End User, upon receipt and verification by Keeler of the traded-in Slitlamp. No action will be taken without a copy of the distributor invoice and trade-in certificate.

This is a 3-for-3 trade-in. For every three Slitlamps purchased and traded-in Keeler will shipp a similar purchased product directly to the customer free of charge*.

Download the Indirect Trade-In Certificate


*The product must be returned to Keeler within 90 days of the dealer's invoice date.

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