Waggoner PIP24 Color Vision Testing Book - 24 Plates


The PIP24 received its name because PIP represents pseudoisochromatic plates, the type of test images used to identify color vision defects, and the fact that the book has 24 plates in total. The PIP24 screens for protan (red weak), deutan (green weak), and tritan (blue/yellow weak) color vision deficient individuals, and is the perfect choice for both adults and children. This test is the perfect choice when testing both adults and children because it has a section to test each demographic.

It’s accepted by the the U.S. Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard and FAA.


Why use Waggoner PIP24 in your organization?

  •  The PIP24 plate test utilizes proven confusion colors based on CIE Color Space.
  •  It is independently validated by academic institutes, and used globally by health care professionals.
  •  The PIP24 takes less than two minutes to screen for common color vision deficiencies.
  •  Hit two birds with one stone, as PIP24 contains both an adult and pediatric section!
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