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"We purchased in 2019 three Keeler slit lamps, and they have been terrific. Best feature of all is unparalleled optical clarity: the surgeon gets a spectacular image, which helps ease a physician’s day! After being convinced about the optics from personal observation, the pricing made the slit lamps an excellent value, so it was easy for my practice to get them. The Keeler slit lamps provide great optics and an excellent value. Having used several other slit lamps in my career, I expect to stick with the Keelers."
- Steven K. Luminais, MD - Thorndale, PA

For over 100 years, Keeler has been creating innovative products in our Windsor, UK, factory. The Keeler Slit Lamp has emerged as the newest product in Keeler's ophthalmic family, designed with you and your patients in mind.  The Keeler Slit Lamp delivers a visually pleasing, customizable device using Keeler's tried-and-tested optics and everything that the Keeler name stands for. 

Keeler Optics
We have spent decades perfecting our optical design to produce some of the clearest and sharpest images on the market today. Manufactured in-house, every Keeler Slit Lamp (KSL) comes equipped with Keeler's world-class optics to produce stunning images for clearer and more accurate examination results.

Product configurability 
We aim to be flexible with your needs, therefore each slit lamp can be configured to your liking. From number of magnification settings to digital or traditional systems, you can adjust many different features. Along with this, third-party accessories provide even more options for digital solutions in order to get the most out of your slit lamp.

Visual aesthetics
Line up different brands of slit lamps side-by-side, and you will immediately be able to pick the KSL out of the bunch.  With its silver-gray paint, the KSL stands out among most of the white equipment in the clinic.

Value for Money
The KSL is a top-quality product that won't break the bank. With mid-range pricing, stunning optics, unique design, and quality performance, the Keeler Slit Lamp is a cut above the rest in its price range.

Market adaptability
We have worked hard to create a product that can adapt to fit the market and consumer needs through design, configurability, and digital solutions. Keeler has recently partnered with Advanced Ophthalmic Systems(AOS) as their exclusive global distributor for their Anterior analysis software to enhance the digital slit lamp functionality.

Other third-party accessories, ranging from imaging adaptors to software, are constantly being added to the portfolio to give end users one of the most adaptable slit lamps on the market.  Not only do we sell slit lamps under the Keeler name but we also provide OEM solutions using engineering expertise.

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  6. KSL-Z3-D Digital Slit Lamps KSL-Z Series
    KSL-Z3-D Digital Slit Lamps
    3020-P-2045 / 3020-P-2046
  7. KSL-Z5-D Digital Slit Lamps KSL-Z Series
    KSL-Z5-D Digital Slit Lamps
    3020-P-2054 / 3020-P-2055
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