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“The VisuALL Field Analyzer was at least as good as, if not better than the Humphrey. The portability of the device allows it to be used in home-based settings, where many more tests could be done over time, potentially leading to earlier detection of glaucoma progression.”


Dr. Reza Razeghinejad

from Will’s Eye Hospital validation study (read full article here)



The VisuALL is a VR visual field perimeter designed for standardized and mobile assessment of the visual field. VisuALL automatically analyzes the retinal sensitivity in patients with Glaucoma and other visual disorders. VisuALL enables the examination of multiple patients at a time increasing office productivity.


But our platform is much more than just a portable perimeter. We strive to offer a unique multi-test system that includes a growing number of tests. The following are already available:

  • Visual Field:
    • All common protocols e.g. 24-2, 10-2, 30-2, etc).
    • Testing time is about 3 minutes for threshold and 1.5 minutes for screening.
  • Visual Acuity (near and far acuity).
  • Color Vision.
  • Pediatrics Visual Field.
  • Many more tests in the works

Key Benefits:

  • Patients can be tested in virtually any position. The compact design and hygienic face cushion of the VisuALL enables a soft adaptation to any face surface.
  • The small, lightweight VisuALL is convenient and portable. It can be easily transported to any testing site.
  • The VisuALL efficiently controls the lighting conditions allowing the test to be performed in any office location, even in a fully illuminated waiting room.
  • The VisuALL T eye-tracking allows uninterrupted control of eyes fixation, eliminating the "loss of fixation" issue.

The VisuALL S Sytem includes a headset, tablet, handpiece, and necessary cables and manuals.


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