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24" black tray
5 legged low center of gravity base
Centered verticle support column with silver metallic finish
3" neoprene caster (2 locking)
Large tank holder
Top tray with wrap around handle
Cord wrap on pole
Foot switch holster and brackets

World-class widefield digital retinal imaging, made accessible


We understand the critical importance of timely screening and photo-documentation in caring for premature babies. These resilient little ones, in addition to their fight for survival, face the risk of Retinopathy of Prematurity, a condition that, if not addressed promptly, could result in blindness. 


In the past, conventional imaging technologies have been out of reach for many due to their high costs and lack of mobility. But our mission is clear; to make this essential imaging technology more accessible. We want to empower you, the dedicated healthcare professionals, to serve your patients better and tackle the global challenge of avoidable blindness head-on.

"Approx. 40,000 US infants get ROP each year. 3% will become legally blind" 

Introducing Neo

Widefield retinal imaging system

Neo is Keeler’s mydriatic widefield digital imaging system. Compact and easy-to-use, it can enhance your screening programs, providing portability while still capturing high-quality 120-degree high-resolution images. Ergonomically designed, Neo’s balanced and lightweight probe ensures comfort throughout frequent examinations, even allowing single-handed use if required. And with cutting-edge digital features, you’ll be better equipped to impact the lives of your patients, no matter where you are.


Neo boasts many features and benefits including:

High-resolution widefield views

Neo offers industry-leading image quality, featuring a 4 MP sensor that captures an expansive 120-degree field-of-view of the retina. The images are rendered at this high-quality without compression, allowing users to seamlessly zoom in without pixelation and explore smaller pathologies.  Also with such a wide capture, it’s possible to image the optic disc and periphery retina in a single image, aided by a responsive focusing mechanism. The enhanced optics and widefield view make it especially suitable for capturing dark retinas.

Powerful software

Neo comes with integrated image and video management software that features historical comparison, DICOM integration, and telemedicine-compatibility. Neo’s feature–rich software provides all the tools you need to capture, review, and annotate images to organize your pathologies. Plus, Keeler’s active development team and ophthalmology focus means availability of additional cutting-edge features and upgrades.




Light-weight, ergonomic probe

By re-imaging the architecture of the system, the Neo probe has been crafted to weigh just 340g – less than the weight of a can of soda. The touchpoints for your fingers and device curvatures allow you to not only hold the probe comfortably with a pen-holder grasp, but also easily maneuver the probe quickly and single-handedly.




Neo’s small and compact form empowers you to perform screening in a variety of use cases. For a NICU or hospital setting, Neo is available integrated onto a mobile medical grade cart with all-in-one PC; however, if you’re looking to travel to other locations with the device, Neo can be easily packed in the included carry-on sized aluminum suitcase.




Integrated LED illumination

Neo offers state-of-the art, in-built LED technology inside of the probe handpiece, offering uniform, warm illumination up to the periphery. Because the light source is within the probe, there’s no risk of a fiber optic cable breakages.



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Keeler Cryomatic MKII console

30+ years of cryo surgery expertise and innovation


Probe type is automatically adjusted for easy set up
Automatic purge cycle, pressure adjustment, and temperature regulation
Intuitive easy-to-use software
Rapid freeze and quick defrost
Back-flush functionality removes debris and moisture
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