20/20 Club


1. Join the club! 2. Get MONSTROUS rewards

Here at Keeler we have created a loyalty program with exciting and exclusive rewards to say "thank you" to our amazing customers. By joining our program, you will be eligible to earn certain equipment based on reaching certain tiers (for example, Tier 1 is $17,000 or more, Tier 2 is $33,000 or more, etc.) on your annual purchases from our line of pharmaceuticals and clinical supplies. See more details below.

Rewards Brochure   //   Enrollment Form   //   Redemption Form

TIER 1*   //   $17,000

Monster 1 eye


Handheld, non-contact,
air-puff tonometer



Choose an AccuPen or a PachPen

TIER 2*   //   $33,000

Monster 2 eye
All Pupil II Binocular Indirect

All Pupil II

Slimline wireless binocular indirect with charger and 2 batteries

Keeler PSL One slit lamp


Portable slit lamp with 10x magnification

Vantage Plus Binocular Indirect

Vantage Plus

Slimline wireless binocular indirect with charger and 2 batteries

TIER 3*   //   $66,000

Monster 3 eye
A-Scan Plus Connect

A-Scan Plus Connect

Rapid measurement readings

B-Scan Plus

B-Scan Plus

High-resolution probe

4Sight Combination Unit


Your Choice Of:
1. Unit with Connect software
2. Unit with A-Scan probe
3. Unit with A-Scan and Pachymeter probes

TIER 4*   //   $132,000

Monster 4 eye
4Sight Combination Unit


Your Choice Of:
1. Unit with B-Scan Probe
2. Unit with B-Scan and Pachymeter probes
3. Unit with A-Scan and B-Scan probes

Keeler Cryomatic MKII

Cryomatic MKII

Cryomatic unit with choice of non-disposable probe

Keeler traditional slit lamp

Traditional Slit Lamp

- Keeler optics
- 5 step drum (x6, x10, x16, x25, x40)
- Refraction style

Keeler Visiometrics HD Analyzer

HD Analyzer

- Objectively diagnose cataracts
- Increase positive refractive surgical outcomes
- Grow your dry eye practice

*Choose 1 product

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check my annual purchase status and redeem rewards?

You can ask your sales representative at any time the status of your purchases. You may redeem your reward through your sales representative.

2. If I don’t reach one of the tiers during the program dates does my balance roll over?

No, purchases and rewards are only valid during September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021 otherwise they will expire.

Terms and Conditions

- Installation is not included

- There is no additional cost to join the program, only a signed enrollment form by a practice manager is required.

- Once you reach a certain threshold you may redeem your reward. All rewards need to be redeemed between 9/1/2020 and 8/31/2021.

- Only purchases from the Keeler clinical line will apply from 9/1/2020 – 8/31/2021 toward earning the rewards.

- Shipping charges and products purchased from our diagnostic equipment line do not count toward the rewards program.

- If the equipment chosen as part of the rewards program requires an on-site installation or training there will be an additional fee.

- All remaining points at 8/31/2021 will expire and the program will start again.

- Keeler reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.

- Products must be invoiced before 8/31/2021.

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