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3-3-1 Indirect Offer
Get a free Keeler indirect when you buy any 3 Keeler indirects and trade in any 3 Indirects (make or model). Learn more.

Eye care heroes BIO promotion
A big thank you to our heroes! If you purchase (or lease) a BIO between September 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 you have the opportunity to receive an $850 credit towards any of our PPE supplies OR 10 free bottles of phenylephrine 2.5%, 15mL.


$500 clinical voucher!
Spend $1,000+ in a single clinical/paharmaceuticals order and be entered to win a $500 voucher for future clinical/paharmaceutical products.

Sign up for our 20/20 Club, get 60 free KN95 masks OR 8 bottles of 33.81oz. hand sanitizer!
Enroll in our 20/20 Club rewards program and pick your reward.

Double warranties on equipment!
Your equipment warranty will be doubled if you purchase (or will purchase) any ultrasound or diagnostic equipment between April 1st, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Register your unit now!

Purchase a cryo unit and receive 50 free KN95 masks!
That's all you have to do! Anyone who buys a cryo unit from now until June 30, 2021 will receive 50 free KN95 masks.


Hot Product. Cool Savings!
Get 10% off the Keeler Cryomatic when you trade in any make or model cryo system. Learn more.


Vantage Plus Digital
Bundle and Save.  


3-3-1 AccuPen and PachPen Offer
The 3-3-1 Trade-in Program. Purchase any 3 Keeler AccuPens or PachPens and trade in any 3 Keeler AccuPens or PachPens and receive a fourth pen free.  


3-3-1 Slit Lamp Offer
The 3-3-1 Trade-in Program. Purchase any 3 Keeler Slit Lamps and trade in any 3 Slit Lamps (make or model) and receive a fourth Keeler free.

A Bundleful Deal!
Pick from one of two slit lamp bundles. Each bundle includes a slit lamp, tonometer, and binocular indirect.

Multiply Your Savings
Each 40H Slitlamp purchased ships a free KAT R type tonometer....purchase three 40H slitlamps and also receive a Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless indirect free.


Keeler Tonometers - Special Offers 
Take advantage of one of three great offers!

Keeler intellipuff 
Keeler Pulsair Desktop - $1,471

Instant Rebate!
Keeler KAT - Great Low Price!

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