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Focused on you

You are at the heart of what we do, and how we do it. We make it our mission to understand what really matters to you, what you value the most. This helps us empower you with the tools, expertise and support that are vital to what you do, no matter where you are in the world.

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Distributor support

Access a wide range of resources to support our range of products and solutions.

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Partner Portal

Partner portal

Discover opportunities to collaborate on product development and ideation.

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Students and residents

Learn more about the products you need in order to train with confidence.

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Students and residents

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Why choose Keeler?

Your first purchase of ophthalmic instruments is important to you. You want to be confident that you are purchasing the highest quality optical instruments that will last you for many, many years. After all, your tools will ensure your own clinical performance is the best it can possibly be. That can only be achieved with the highest quality optics.


You want to purchase from a company that you know you can trust

Keeler has been manufacturing precision optical instruments for almost a century. Today, the Keeler name is synonymous throughout the world with the very highest quality and most reliable optical equipment.

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Together, we can see a better future in eye care

Life-changing products and solutions

No matter your role or the industry you work in, finding the essential tools, expertise and support you need to do your job shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming.

In the world of eye care, Keeler sees the bigger picture. We empower our customers to play their own critical roles in fulfilling more successful outcomes in eye screening, diagnosis and treatment.

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