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Key study takeaways

1. Cushioned comfort


2. Balanced stability

3. Ergonomic fit

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Foot switch holster and brackets

Leading the way in comfort, balance and intuitive design


Keeler commissioned an independent assessment from US Ergonomics of the Vantage Plus BIO to understand its ergonomic performance with eye care professionals. 

This ergonomic review was directed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and involving; a review of the ergonomic effects of Indirect ophthalmoscopes on eye care professionals, a competitive product design comparison and measurement based testing of the muscle effort and postures in controlled applications.


Results highlighted the following features which contribute to the comfort and usability of Keeler Vantage Plus vs our nearest competitor.

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1.Cushioned comfort

A soft and plush headband that leads the way 

Keeler’s Vantage Plus is ergonomically designed, with attention given to the shape and contours of the device. The soft and plush padding that surrounds the headband delivers a secure and comfortable fit, reducing the likelihood of slipping or shifting during use. The cushioned headband provides additional comfort by distributing the weight evenly across the head and reducing the force acting on the head at certain pressure points. 


Test participant comments included:

“Right off the bat, the Keeler was more comfortable [in comparison to the Heine].”

2.Balanced stability

Reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged use

The Vantage Plus features a balanced, lightweight design reduces strain and fatigue during prolonged use. It minimizes the pressure on the user’s head and helps prevent discomfort allowing for longer and more focused examinations. EMG measurements of the neck and shoulder muscle groups during examination with Vantage Plus demonstrated that the muscle exertion levels were within half of fatigue limits. Compared to other BIOs, Keeler's requires half as less force to keep balanced in neutral position. 

3.Ergonomic fit

Tailored and versatile for your comfort

The Vantage Plus includes a fully adjustable headset which allows users to tailor the positions of the optics and headband to their own comfort. This versatility allows clinicians to maintain a comfortable posture, reducing strain on the head and neck, and exerting less force in a neutral position than competitor indirects.


Test participant comments included:

“Some ophthalmoscopes have very large levers to change the lens filter, it’s easy to accidentally hit. But these switches (on the Keeler) are easy to find. It’s not easy to accidentally switch.”


Keeler Cryomatic MKII console

30+ years of cryo surgery expertise and innovation


Probe type is automatically adjusted for easy set up
Automatic purge cycle, pressure adjustment, and temperature regulation
Intuitive easy-to-use software
Rapid freeze and quick defrost
Back-flush functionality removes debris and moisture
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